June 2015:

Introducing Megan Frisbie's groundbreaking Out of Focus and Off Key 

​Featuring the Music of Megan Frisbie

a mediocre musician, an endurable singer,

the greatest pseudo-songwriter/copycat you've never heard

Nutmeg and Cynicism


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NutmegandCynicism Productions is proud to announce the official release of Megan Frisbie's Out of Focus and Off Key. Yes, Megan Frisbie has finally given up her lazy ways and recorded the rest of her long-awaited album. Order now, and, for a limited time, receive at absolutely no cost a Forever Edition of Out of Focus and Off Key. Recipients of the forever edition will automatically receive free copies of all future editions of Out of Focus and Off Key released during their lifetimes. Reserve your Forever Edition today, and receive revisions of the album as Megan Frisbie learns how to sing and how to play her instruments. Who knows? Maybe one day this album will actually be worth listening to. 

​July 2016:

NutmegandCynicism Productions is proud to announce the release of Megan Frisbie's second groundbreaking album, Before You Fall Asleep.

For a free copy of this album, please use the form on the contact page of this website. Indicate whether you would like an electronic or a physical copy, and let us know where we may send your free music. 

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Live at the Old Quarter Cafe