Should you doubt the accuracy of these objective observations, please check out episode three of The Puppet Talk Show, and enjoy Michael Jackrabbit and Peyton the Panda's shrilling performance of "The Rainbow Connection," written by Paul Williams and Kenny Ascher for our good friend, Kermit the Cat:

​July 2016:

NutmegandCynicism Productions is proud to announce the release of Megan Frisbie's second groundbreaking album, Before You Fall Asleep.

For a free copy of this album, please use the form on the contact page of this website. Indicate whether you would like an electronic or a physical copy, and let us know where we may send your free music. 

  • Don't Give a Feather4:11

Exhibit B -

Despite several stern warnings against crossing paths with the derailed and disoriented Megan Frisbie, some folks still insist on exchanging polite conversation with this deranged individual. While we cannot endorse such senseless foolery, we do feel an altruistic responsibility to prepare these naive souls for what they should definitely expect once they finally realize why they must keep far, far, far away from this reckless maniac.

To demonstrate what any given person will face the moment they attempt to escape from Megan Frisbie's twisted reality, please enjoy her new groundbreaking single, "Remember Me?"- the greatest bubblegrunge punk song you will ever hear in your entire lifetime, available at the one and only NutmegandCynicism Productions.

Note: For those of you who wish to serenade your special someone with this one chord wonder, the chord is E minor, though, of course, you are free to transpose the song to a minor chord of your own choosing.

Are you curious as to whether Olivia Johncena will ever get around to producing a second comic strip?  Are you wondering "where the hell is Megan Frisbie's third album or that supposed claymation she's allegedly working on"? We're not sure what the hell Megan Frisbie's excuse is, but please rest assured, we are confident that sooner or later, Olivia Johncena will indeed produce a second comic strip. In the meantime, please take comfort in the knowledge that this promising young lady is busy getting a quality education, as evidenced in this rare footage available only at NutmegandCynicism Productions:

June 2015:

Introducing Megan Frisbie's groundbreaking Out of Focus and Off Key 

"Don't Give a Feather"

Through an unidentified source, we have recently obtained a rare bootleg of Megan Frisbie's last public performance. While the sound quality is somewhat compromised (as is to be expected with any clandestine recording methodology), this valuable artifact- a historic gem to the Megan Frisbie archives - is the only recorded version of "Don't Give a Damn" that was tailored specifically for a flock of bluebirds that hangs out on Hillsboro Pike in Nashville, TN. So while you're waiting for Megan Frisbie to get caught up in her night-and-day job and finally record one of her new songs, please enjoy this scratchy recording of "Don't Give a Feather," performed at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, TN on July 30th 2018.

A Public Service Announcement:

We have recently confirmed that it is in the public's best interest for Megan Frisbie not to interact with society at this point in time. Megan Frisbie is suffering a serious disconnect from reality, and if you happen to encounter her, you are strongly advised to scowl, shake your fist threateningly, and then immediately storm off in the opposite direction. Should you doubt the gravity of the situation, please examine exhibit A. This evidence documents not only Megan Frisbie's disgraceful impression of the legendary Jerry Reed, but also, it records what is apparently only the tip of an icicle.

Consider yourself warned.


Deirdre Knickerbocker

Manager, Publicist, Interim President of the Megan Frisbie Fan Club

The Puppet Talk Show: Episode Three

In this groundbreaking episode of our non-consecutive series, Michael Jackrabbit and Peyton the Panda reveal that they share a rare distinction.

Not until the production of the very special third episode of The Puppet Talk Show did anyone in the entire world (including those of us at NutmegandCynicism Productions) realize that Michael Jackrabbit and Peyton the Panda are THE TWO GREATEST VOCALISTS OF ALL TIME!!! That's right. In this stellar episode, Michael Jackrabbit and Peyton the Panda show off their talent as two greatest singers to have ever walked Planet Earth. Never before has any individual--puppet, cartoon, cat, or human--pushed air from their diaphragm up through their trachea while clasping and releasing their vocal cords together in order to emit sounds of various pitches in such a euphonious, melodic, elegant fashion as the incredibly talented Michael Jackrabbit and Peyton the Panda.

​Featuring the Music of Megan Frisbie

a mediocre musician, an endurable singer,

the greatest pseudo-songwriter/copycat you have never heard

Oh, and also the art of  Olivia Johncena

the Best Niece Megan Frisbie Could Ever Ask For

(NutmegandCynicism Productions is a company that firmly opposes any and all forms of nepotism)

Olivia Johncena - Artist

(her chosen pseudonym . . . in honor of John Cena, the wrestler)

A Well-Rounded, Quality Education

Sponsored by NutmegandCynicism Productions

The Puppet Talk Show - Episode Two

Folk Legend Tex Renner Covers "Let's Eat Them Alive."

Hear Tex Renner Play Live Every Tuesday at Oasis Juice Bar & Market in Galveston, TX :

Exhibit A

Olivia Johncena - Talk Show Producer

Exhibit B

An Unfortunate End to a Promising Career

We regret to inform the public that after careful consideration, the uniquely talented Olivia Johncena has decided to retire from her long, arduous career of creating comic strips for the enjoyment of children all over the world. Instead, Ms. Johncena now prefers to dedicate her talents to the production of The Puppet Talk Show, an educational program designed to enlighten viewers to the common struggles faced daily by underprivileged and underappreciated puppets. Unfortunately, due to a shameful portrayal of Frederick the Dragon by his first voice actor (whom Ms. Johncena heartlessly fired), the pilot episode of this program will never, ever be released to the public. No, rather than tainting the reputation of this groundbreaking series by releasing such a dismal failure, we will instead jump straight to Episode Two of "The Puppet Talk Show," a serious, no nonsense program geared at educating the public about gravity, dry water, and other everyday dangers faced by puppets, dolls, and humans alike. As much as we will miss Ms. Johncena's delightfully entertaining comic strips, we respect this serious artist's decision to pursue a more serious form of art. So please join us in congratulating Ms. Olivia Johncena as she embarks on this exciting new chapter, and please enjoy Episode Two of "The Puppet Talk Show," featuring guest star Kyle Broflovski, available only at NutmegandCynicism Productions.


Deirdre Knickerbocker

Editor, Publicist, President of the Olivia Johncena Fan Club, Interim President of the Megan Frisbie Fan Club

A special thank you to our surprise guest, Kermit the Frog, who inspired this groundbreaking, cutting edge, internet program. How did The Puppet Talk Show start, you ask?

One Christmas, a stellar young girl gets a Kermit doll from her all-time favorite aunt. The cool, stellar girl thinks, "I must learn more about this retro, so-last-century character." So the cool girl watches The Muppets Movie and other stellar programs featuring Kermit the Frog. Then, this young hipster spends hours listening to her new favorite song,"The Rainbow Connection." And after months of exploring Kermit the Frog's complete history and impact on American culture, what does this stellar, sophisticated beatnik ultimately conclude?

"I must get my own puppet talk show"

May she never grow out of this.

--Deirdre Knickerbocker

Fun Fact: "Stellar" is currently this hip, cool girl's favorite word

​Introducing the newest member of Nutmeg and Cynicism Productions, Artist Olivia Johncena 

The Amazing Olivia Johncena Demonstrating her Best Tom Waits Impression

NutmegandCynicism Productions is proud to introduce our newest member, Olivia Johncena. Olivia Johncena's creativity and artistic talent earned her the distinction of being the second artist to ever be signed to our label since its foundation in 2015. Her talent has so much potential, we have even decided to dedicate a page on our site to her original comic strips. Please make a point to regularly visit "Olivia's World" (also known as "Nepotism and Cynicism").

As our newest member, Olivia Johncena currently has the responsibility of developing amusing and disturbing comic strips for the NutmegandCynicism website. As she ages and matures, she will gain more responsibilities at NutmegandCynicism Productions, such as creating other works of art; performing plays with puppets; composing songs for Megan Frisbie to butcher; performing her own musical compositions on piano, guitar, and the ukulele; mowing her grandmother's lawn; keeping her mother organized; cooking gourmet meals for her aunt; doing her homework; teaching dance classes; producing news stories; and reading dark poetry in poorly lit cafes.

In the meantime, please check out Olivia's debut comic strip, and join me in congratulating Olivia Johncena in becoming the first only other member of NutmegandCynicism Productions.

Note: NutmegandCynicism Productions is a company that firmly and absolutely opposes any and all forms of nepotism. No one at this company would ever, ever, ever give special treatment to an employee based solely on the fact that that employee is their nephew.

NutmegandCynicism Productions is proud to announce the official release of Megan Frisbie's Out of Focus and Off Key. Yes, Megan Frisbie has finally given up her lazy ways and recorded the rest of her long-awaited album. Order now, and, for a limited time, receive at absolutely no cost a Forever Edition of Out of Focus and Off Key. Recipients of the forever edition will automatically receive free copies of all future editions of Out of Focus and Off Key released during their lifetimes. Reserve your Forever Edition today, and receive revisions of the album as Megan Frisbie learns how to sing and how to play her instruments. Who knows? Maybe one day this album will actually be worth listening to. 

NutmegandCynicism Productions

Come See Megan Frisbie

Live at the Old Quarter Cafe